Very Short Film
International Film Festival
From 07 to 16 June 2019
The French Short Film Festival is being held since 1999, and this is the 21th session.The festival is a great success, not only at the level of France, but also at the level of the many countries it has been involved in for 20 years.
The International Short Film Festival was held in 1999 in France. To be spread throughout the world, as an event without limits, which is presented in ten days of each year at the same time, in nearly 100 cities, as it is displayed in 31 other countries around the world. The festival was hosted in Egypt with the aim of encouraging the production of this type of short films (less than 3 minutes without titles), especially since participating films from all over the world are produced with the best audio and video technologies.
Middle East competition
in Cairo and Alexandria during 7 - 16 June 2019.

For the first time, Egypt is organizing a competition in the Middle East for very short films targeting about 100 films produced and directed by a group of young artists. Each film is about 3 minutes long, in their first experiences, reflecting their views and ideas in modern artistic styles. The participants will be awarded certificates of appreciation to participate on the sidelines of the official festival and with the authorization of the festival management in France and special prizes for the best films. The festival will be held in Cairo and Alexandria during the 21th session

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So you’ve made your short film and want to get it seen. A great way to reach wider audiences is to submit your short film to a film festival.
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Très Court International Film Festival

Très Court International Film Festival is an event without borders, with screenings during 10 days simultaneously in nearly one hundred cities in France and 30 other countries. The major program of the festival is the international competition. Fifty films of less than 4 minutes representing the best and especially the shorter of the global audiovisual production year are presented each year.

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