International Film Festival
From 04 – 13 June , 2021.
A “Très Court” is a 4 minutes max short movie. All kinds are represented: fiction, animation, documentary, music video, video blog…
It’s a movie format expending strongly, on TV and particularly on the Net. It’s now common to use tablet computers or mobile phones to watch these very short videos.
Très Court International Film Festival is an event without borders, with screenings during 10 days simultaneously in nearly 70 cities in France and over 20 other countries.
The major program of the festival is the international competition. Forty films of less than 4 minutes representing the best and especially the shorter of the global audiovisual production year are presented each year.

Our Services

So you’ve made your short film and want to get it seen. A great way to reach wider audiences is to submit your short film to a film festival.
If you made a film under 4 minutes in length, you could win one of the VS-Film filmmakers Competition Awards.
Our innovative film workshops are designed for a new generation of storytellers. With an unrivaled approach to hands-on, interactive learning, trainees find themselves completely immersed in their course of study from day one.
VS-Film Media Experts introduce an attractive and entertainment animation show for your product or service that attract 64% of the interested clients that prefer to watch videos before going to buy the product.
Making video is inexpensive, simple and effectively deliver your marketing message.
The 23rd edition of the Très Court International Film Festival

A 100% online edition The 24rd edition of the Très Court International Film Festival is maintained. The 2022 edition of the Très Court will take place online, between 04 to 13 June. The 124 films selected for the 24rd edition will be accessible completely free of charge on the festival site.

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